USB Manager, Manage USB Device Types

By | 03.11.2019

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USB Manager, Manage USB Device Types

USB device descriptors

To register USB devices: Log in to a computer where an agent for online management is installed. If password protection is set for the agent at the time of USB device registration, a dialog box appears and prompts you to enter a password.

Enter the password that is set for the agent. Connect the USB device to the computer. Important note There are two types of USB devices: When connecting the agent to a USB device that is recognized by vendors, a confirmation message is displayed. Registering a USB device that is recognized by vendors enables the device to be treated as the same hardware asset if a different device of the same vendor is registered.

For this reason, if you have suppressed the usage of a USB device in the security policy, the USB device is permitted to be used on a per-vendor basis. To register a USB device that is recognized separately, go to step 7. In the displayed dialog box, select Product Unit and then click Advanced. In the displayed dialog box, edit Registration condition and then click OK.

In the displayed dialog box, specify whether to confirm the asset status, and then click OK. If necessary, enter information about the person to be registered for the hardware asset information related to the USB device. Information about the selected USB device is collected and registered as an unconfirmed hardware asset.

Registration of the USB device is completed. Device instance IDs of some USB devices with security features after authentication differ from the device instance IDs before authentication. When registering such devices, you must register the device instance IDs both before and after authentication.

Tip When you connect registered USB devices that are separately recognized to a computer where an agent for online management is installed, information about the files stored in the USB devices is collected. The collected information is displayed in the File List tab in the Hardware Assets view of the Assets module. No information about the files is collected for USB devices that are recognized separately.


USB defines class code information that is used to identify a device’s functionality and to nominally load a device driver based on that functionality. Connect a USB flash drive (USB Mass Storage Device) to one of the Intel USB ports. In Device Manager, click View, and click Devices by connection. Viewing USB Controllers in Device Manager connector, called USB Type-C (or USB-C), which is reversible (meaning that you can plug it in both Driver. Details. Power Management. 2. Click the Power tab. NOTE: In the example below .

USB Device Management

Every Universal Serial Bus USB device must be able to provide a single device descriptor that contains relevant information about the device. Windows uses that information to derive various sets of information. For example, the idVendor and idProduct fields specify vendor and product identifiers, respectively. Windows uses those field values to construct a hardware ID for the device. To view the hardware ID of a particular device, open Device Manager and view device properties.

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To register USB devices: Log in to a computer where an agent for online management is installed.

HOWTO: Managing USB Devices – Audit USB Usage | ManageEngine

If USB is unable to detect an older USB device, it gives error USB driver. press Win+R to open the Run window and type the command. Troubleshooting the USB Device from Device Manager: USB devices are listed in the Click Start, and then type Device Manager into the Search field. .. Use the following steps to enable or disable USB Legacy Support on the computer. My USB device will occasionally lose connection to the computer, and I Using DevCon, you can enable, disable, restart, update, remove, and query Open the Windows Device Manager by going to Start» Run, type in.

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