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How Verizon Wireless Defeats Your Privacy And What You Can Do About It

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You can now disable Verizon’s tracking ‘supercookie’ on your smartphone, but you’ll have to be proactive and follow a few simple steps. Shares Back in January, Verizon Wireless customers discovered that the company was tracking their mobile Web browsing via a “supercookie” built into their smartphones, which did not disappear even after clearing one’s browser… Read More »

Computer Network Information Tool

And honestly, those reviews have stood the test of time. Laying the Foundation To build a network, you start with an architecture, draw the design, and analyze and choose the hardware that meets your requirements. Because many organizations need their network to be up and functioning to generate revenue, having the right set of tools… Read More »

Download Vista Manager 4.1.6 – Tweak, Optimize, Clean Up Your Vista

Utilities Information Gets detailed information about your system and hardware, helps you find out the Micrsoft product key such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office; Shows and manages all running processes and threads; Repair Center helps to diagnose and fix the various system problems; Cleans up your system just one clicking; Optimization Wizard is useful… Read More »

Astroburn Pro

All In One: The main goal was to have most programs as a single executable with a nice icon and compressed to save on precious space. I am not a huge Thinapp fan, so most of them were made that way so they would retain registration or important personal settings info. Rarsfx are mostly rared… Read More »

A Program Which Lets You Remotely Access And Control Your Computer Via IPhone

Choose from this premium assortment of the best remote desktop apps for iPad of to access and manage all of your files from your computer with ease. Dhvanesh Adhiya Last Updated: July 31, 3: What would you do? Let go of that important project? The one-and-only remote for your computer. Go to permalink Photo: Here… Read More »

Download DupeGuru 3.4.1 – Quickly Find Duplicate Files On Your Drive With This Application.

OS X Version 3. Control Bounds properties: Dupeguru Windows 10 dupeGuru 3.4.1 for Windows 10 free download on 10 App Store OS X Version 3. Control Bounds properties: New PhotoGallery control thanks, Erkan! New Rating control thanks, Erkan! New Input control. New ColorPicker control. Color fields now have a slick picker. Added verticalAlign property to… Read More »

Kudos To The Censorship Banner, John.

Cancel List of Bookmarks As most are surely aware, the last year or two has seen a growing crackdown on free speech and free thought across the Internet, with our constitutionally-protected First Amendment rights being circumvented through the agency of monopolistic private sector corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Although as yet our government… Read More »