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Windows TV & Radio

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Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium 2017
Designed for low maintenance, heavy daily use, and available in traditional, industrial and contemporary finishes, Krieger doors and windows are customized to fit any size, specification, and performance needs. Your TV, radio and sound recording studio Doors and windows can be constructed for manual or power operation and in traditional, contemporary or industrial finish options… Read More »

Excel Compare 2.1

The screenshot below demonstrates the results returned by Equal to, Not equal to, Greater than and Less than logical operators: It may seem that the above table covers it all and there’s nothing more to talk about. But in fact, each logical operator has its own specificities and knowing them can help you harness the… Read More »

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 6.0 (web Browser)

What’s new in Portable Firefox Fixed missing Full Screen button when watching videos in full screen mode on HBO GO bug Fixed a bug causing incorrect messages to appear for some locales when sites try to request the use of the Storage Access API bug Users in Russian regions may have their default search engine… Read More »

Download Qmmp 0.10.6 – A Lightweight And Easy To Use Audio Player

Highlights of the changes and additions: Click Next When you’re happy with the partition we can now start the creation and writing to the drive, click Next Note: Hibernate on LUKS enabled swap partitions needs manual intervention, the installer misses some settings to fully support it. The system will question the changes, verify by clicking… Read More »

Download Patch My PC – A Tool That Will Help You Keep Your Computer Up To Date

Mosu 5th July , I doubt that this is corrected quickly by WD.: For the ‘forced display’ flag this means that mkvmerge will keep the value from the source container — e. USB Smart card Reader Driver for Windows 7 Fixed Pedestrian routing. Fixed some other routing issues. Fixed Find Nearest Waypoints issue. Fixed vertical… Read More »

Website Security Check

Download Online Scan Use Acunetix for a Website Security Check With the modern cybersecurity threat landscape continuously changing, one of the best ways for organizations to shore up on their web security and defend themselves against critical vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection , Cross-site Scripting XSS , SSL and web server misconfigurations is to run… Read More »