MAXA Crypt Portable

By | 02.11.2019

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MAXA Crypt Portable

MAXA Crypt Portable

These software help you protect your confidential videos and data from attackers with physical access to the computer. Plus, these freeware also give you complete freedom to select any one of the available algorithms according to your need. The choice of algorithm can vary the speed of encryption as well as the security of videos. During encryption, you do need to specify a password key so that authorized persons can decrypt the video when required.

Most of the video encryptors come in portable package. So, you can carry them in portable storage devices and run on a PC without installation. Professional Portable Encryptor is my favorite video encryptor software because it is one of the most secured encryption software. Plus, it also provides various encryption and hash algorithms to encrypt videos, documents, files, etc.

ABI Coder is another desirable video encryption software as it provides a tool using which the encrypted video file can be decrypted without this software. Professional Portable Encryptor Professional Portable Encryptor is a free and portable video encryption software for Windows. Using it, you can not only encrypt a video file, document, etc. You can even choose one algorithm for the name and some other algorithm for the actual video file. This software provides its own file explorer through which you can browse and select videos that you want to encrypt.

Though for encryption, you need to add the selected files to its editor window by using the right-click menu. Now to encrypt the file, first, click on the encryption lock icon to assign the password and also to change the algorithm.

All the files which are present in its editor window will convert into a single encrypted file. Just like video encryption, you can also decrypt the videos with ease. File Encryptor for PC S. File Encryptor for PC is a completely free and portable video encryption software for Windows. Not just videos, but files and documents of various formats can also be encrypted using it. Here, you also get various encryption algorithms to choose from. All of these algorithms use bit encryption except Blowfish which uses bit encryption.

Video encryption or decryption can be performed by following the three simple steps: Select an algorithm from algorithm drop-down menu. Enter the new password for encryption or enter the correct password for decryption.

Do not add videos to this video encryptor software before entering the password as doing so will cause password error. This encryption software allows you to encrypt videos, documents, etc. After selecting an algorithm, you can use the inbuilt file explorer to select a video file that you want to encrypt. Now, you can set a random key or password for your file and press the Encrypt button to start encryption.

For each individual file, you can use different passwords or keys. One more thing to remember that at a time, only one file can be encrypted. In order to decrypt the encrypted file, first, you need to locate the file using the file explorer.

After that, enter the correct key in the key field and press the decrypt button. In this freeware, you also get an advanced tool named self-decryption file. The encrypted file created by this tool can be decrypted without the use of this software. Actually, this tool attaches a password protection program with the file. So, there is no need to use this software to decrypt the video file. Apart from this tool, a dedicated text editor and an inbuilt email sharing features are also present.

It can encrypt and decrypt files videos, documents, media, etc. At any time, you can choose an algorithm to encrypt files from its options menu. In this software, you can also create a self-decrypting file that you can easily share with others. The main advantage of the self-decrypting file is that you can decrypt this file without the use of this software. Though, a password protected program is always attached to the file to decrypt file when needed. To encrypt video files, go to its encrypt file options and select all the video files that you want to encrypt.

Press next and select an algorithm and self-decrypting file option if necessary. Again, press next and set a password to encrypt the files.

Just like encryption, you can also perform decryption by using the decrypt a file option. This software is actually a free version of Kryptel software with limited features. Still, encryption of videos, documents, folders, etc. The good thing about this software is that it automatically integrates with the Windows right-click menu. At a time, single as well as multiple files can be encrypted using this software.

When you encrypt a single file, it only asks you to set up the password to start the encryption process. But in case of multiple video files, you need to set up the container name along with password because it combines all multiple files into a single encrypted container. Similar to the encryption process, you can also perform decryption by accessing the right-click menu. To encrypt a file, this software uses the bit AES cipher algorithm.

Its biggest advantage is its speed of encryption and decryption which is definitely faster than other software. Not just that, you can also select one of the two available algorithms to protect your documents namely DESX bit key and Blowfish bit key. Besides encryption, you can also compress a video to ZIP file. Though this software is quite simple to use, still it lacks the important batch file encryption feature. How to encrypt video using Crypt4Free: First, select a video file using its file explorer.

After selecting that, click on the encrypt button to open the encryption menu. In encryption menu, you need to set password and algorithm after which you can set the output folder path. At last, press the Encrypt now button to start the encryption process. The encryption process can take some time to finish, so be patient.

After the encryption, you get both the source file and encrypted version of it. If you only want the encrypted file, then tick the delete after encryption checkbox. Decryption of video is also simple; just double-click on the decrypted file and enter the correct password to get the decrypted file.

You can carry this software in any portable storage device due to its portable nature and run it without installation. As a video encryptor, it will help you encrypt any video file in any format, so that only you and other authorized users can play or use that video file. This software comes with a minimal interface that contains only three tabs named encrypt, decrypt and about.

Through choose file to encrypt option, you can select the video file that you want to encrypt. In choose destination option, you need to specify the path and name for the output file.

Remember one thing that at a time, only one file can be encrypted. Video Decryption process is exactly similar to encryption with only one difference that for decryption, you need to use the Decrypt tab. Besides this, all steps are exactly similar to video encryption. If you want a simple and quick video encryption software, then you can consider this one. With the help of this software, you can encrypt any video and document without much hassle.

Not just that, it also allows encryption of multiple files at a time. In order to encrypt a video file, it uses its highly secured AES algorithm. Like many other encryption software, it also lets you password protect your video files.

On the registered email address, you will receive a verification code using which you can setup the encryption password. The good thing about this software is that if you are already logged into this software, then you do not need to enter the password again to play the encrypted videos.

To decrypt an encrypted video file, go to its recent tabs tab and right-click on an encrypted file and select stop securing and remove from the list option. In this free version of AxCrypt, various advanced features like secured folders, anonymous rename, secure delete, inactivity signout, etc. You need to buy its paid version to unlock all features of this video encryptor.

It is mainly a file encryption software that can also encrypt videos, documents, folders, etc. It uses a secure bit AES encryption algorithm to encrypt a file. When you encrypt a video through it, this software performs two operations simultaneously, one is encryption and second is compression to decrease the file size. By selecting respective options, you can easily encrypt and later decrypt a video file with ease.

Like other similar software, it also allows you to add password authentication to the file. Though at a time, you can only select and encrypt a single file or folder. Using it, you can easily protect your files videos, audio, documents, etc. This software comes with two-layer encryption to provide extra security. Its first layer of encryption uses passphrases from A to H and the second layer uses any random passphrase password set by the user.

To set passwords for each passphrase, first, you need to access this software by entering a default password i. Berlin which is assigned for passphrase B. Now, you can set unique passwords for each available passphrase using manage passphrases menu. With this software, you can easily encrypt a single, multiple, and even a whole video folder at a time.

Professional Portable Encryptor

MAXA Crypt Portable – MAXA Crypt Portable allows secure encryption of data. The program is small and can be run on every computer without need of. Download MAXA Crypt Portable – MAXA Crypt Portable allows secure encryption of data. The program is small and can be run on every computer without need. Download MAXA Crypt Portable (Former MAXA Crypt Mobile). A safe and easy to use encryption software, a mobile module of MAXA Security.

MAXA Crypt Mobile 1.2 Download

The software uses the secure Twofish encryption algorithm which will certainly provide an increased sense of security when using this package. When encrypting a file using Twofish, the original unencrypted file can be securely deleted to ensure that it can never be recovered again. This provides a protective shield for important files from that point on. There is a drop box provided within the interface so users can access Windows Explorer, highlight the files they wish to encrypt and then simply drag them across to the drop box within the Drag’n’Crypt interface. The utility cannot encrypt files up to any size.

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HOWTO: MAXA Crypt Portable – Download

MAXA Crypt Portable Already in paf format: Download MAXA Crypt Portable PAF-Version ( Download MAXA Crypt Portable – MAXA Crypt Portable allows secure encryption of data. The program is small and can be run on every computer without need. MAXA Cookie Manager is a product of MAXA Research Int’l Inc. Its other products include MAXA Security Tools, MAXA Crypt Portable, MAXA Lock, Text2Exe.

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