Download Xenu Link Sleuth 1.3.9 Beta – Quickly And Easily Find Broken Links On Your Website

By | 18.07.2019

Good luck! If you find the software useful, please click here. Test everything.
Download Xenu Link Sleuth 1.3.9 Beta - Quickly and easily find broken links on your website

Broken Links

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Good luck! If you find the software useful, please click here. Test everything. Hold on to the good. To subscribe, send an empty e-mail to linksleuthupdates-subscribe yahoogroups. You can also join the user group by sending an e-mail to xenu-usergroup-subscribe yahoogroups. If you like to use a button for Xenu’s Link Sleuth on your web page, link to this page with these buttons: If you like to use a banner for Xenu’s Link Sleuth on your web page, link to this page with this banner: The address of this web page is http: Incontext WebAnalyzer is no longer available since February and hadn’t been updated for years, so this is more a historical note.

The answer to the question: Yes and No. It is free Better error reports not just “network error” “Save” works also while the software is busy The “broken links view” shows only broken links; In WebAnalyzer you’d have to press the button again and again as the window fills with crap. While Xenu does not offer an “update” facility which doesn’t work anyway , it has a “recheck broken links” function that works fine.

It is small, written by one person experienced in Windows software development since and who works as a professional software developer since This means that bugs will be corrected quickly. This is a matter of honour. The report can be viewed easily, even when you have long URLs. Uses much less disk space for intermediate files, executable file much smaller Loading of saved files much faster WebAnalyzer loses time by displaying the extra graphics Supports SSL websites “https: If you do find something better in a different tool, tell me, even if it hurts: Is Xenu better than a web-based service?

There’s a free WWW based service called “LinkTiger” which looks pretty nice, although it isn’t free, except for a links As of October Their web page is very nicely designed and made me think about whether in general, not related to LinkTiger or Xenu such a solution is better or not. Their target are big, really big websites several millions of urls , where the web team has lost the understanding about what is going on. Sadly they no longer have free subscriptions see pricing.

Server solution advantages: No need to install anything Independent of user OS No use of client bandwith Might be able to do more URLs, because servers will usually not keep all URLs in memory Features can be updated without the user having to update his own system Server solution disadvantages: Cannot always be free, due to costs for hosting Passwords must be uploaded to server Cannot check intranets or local sites on HDD Security risk if server gets hacked Some server solutions insist on uploading an authorization file; might be difficult for companies with long decision delays Legal risk if service is used to analyse competition Client solution advantages: Can run a check at any time Passwords can be kept locally Can check intranets or local sites on http: Tailored versions can be made Would still be usable if I suddenly get hit by a safe Check can be done without asking Client solution disadvantages: Security risk if software developer moves over to the dark side Client bandwith is used Dependent of having a computer that can run downloaded software Dependent of having the correct OS unless the client is written in Java Dependent of the RAM amount Any more ideas pro or contra one of the two solutions?

Contact me. If you want to report a bug, click here. Can I support the author? Don’t send me your money – I still have my day job and survived the financial crisis: In Germany: Take into consideration that I’ll be wearing your T-Shirt at work.

USPS “airmail letter post” is fast, reliable and unexpensive. You can also send me objects that are cultural icons, i. You can also send me packaged food no meat or fish, this is likely forbidden by customs. If you are in Belgium, send beer. If you’re not sure, ask. Mention the product and my name in your blog. Send me a “thank you” letter on company paper, if you work for a well-known company. Make sure that you are authorized to send such a letter.

This is my street address: Tilman Hausherr Berlin Germany If you are on facebook, you can also click “like” here and here to increase the statistic near my name or near the product: It tastes great! The key is the “.. It means you have e. It is true that Mozilla will not have any problems with such a page; but I am less tolerant. How can I configure a proxy? You can configure a proxy in the control application of Windows. Double-Click on the “internet” symbol, then click on the “card” of the dialog box that is named “Connection”.

You may need a proxy if you are sitting “behind a firewall”. This is usually so in big corporate networks. However, this may not work for everyone, because some web servers do not support HTTP 1. Although Mozilla tolerates this, I do not. I use Mozilla 3. URLs for images. What can I do? Re-edit the page, double-click on the picture, remove file: What is the maximum number of URLs that can be checked?

There is no fixed number, but it seems to be above one million. A 64 bit beta version is available which may or may not allow more URLs. EXE file first to save it. The new one is based on Microsoft Visual Studio The 64 bit EXE file is about 10 times as big as the 32 bit version that is based on the good old Visual Studio Microsoft has confirmed the problem.

Can the software check my site locally? Since september 1. Use the “Browse” button in the “New” dialog box. The results will not always be the same as a “remote” check: Sometimes you’ll get “error 3”. DLL is unable to handle directories, i. You can avoid this by linking to the actual “main file”, usually index.

That your browser can handle local directories and display them nicely, is because he does additional work, which I do not. But UNIX does! The main reason that you still need to make occasional “remote” checks is because you might have forgotten to upload your files to your WWW server.

A user of IE 4. DLL; the version with IE 3. Does it work on Windows NT 3. How is it so damn fast? Because it uses a possibly patented , see patents here and here technique known as preemptive multithreading. It means that the link checking software retrieves several web pages at the same time; the competition uses the same technique. The maximum count of threads is initially set to 30, but you can configure it to any number between 1 and A number that is too high might result in failed connections or in timeouts, which means you will have to recheck the broken links.

At the time I had a dial-up connection, I got good results with I suspect that my DSL provider has installed a brake somewhere to prevent “commercial” customers from using the unexpensive “private” service. Can I have the source code?

Can I buy the source code? Sure, make me “an offer I can’t refuse”. Just for fun, I checked Tilman’s web site, and found many broken links. I check my own web site every week on friday. Nevertheless there are always broken links: Links that I know to be broken: I keep them like that to remind me to find these people some day.

The web page itself has a notice that the link is broken. Temporary unreachable hosts:

Find broken links on web sites

The program follows links to other pages, and checks the links on those pages also, so it is possible to check an entire site for broken links in one session. Xenu . BrokenLinks is a tool to help you find and track broken links on your website, namely URLs XENU is extremely fast compared with the competition. download and install a free copy of a special version of Xenu Link Sleuth, or get a copy from my . (Older XENU versions will not work, even older ones marked .9 beta.). Existing browsers were built primarily to look through the web, to search for something and Supports basic FTP client features: download, upload & delete . This tool is simple, fast and easy to use, requires no installation, no Oracle Client and no internet connection. . Xenu’s Link Sleuth™ Beta / – Update

There is a similar file called leave. Repairing Broken Links Here are some tips to help you find a replacement link for a broken one. If an entire website goes down, procrastinate fixing any links. It will usually come back within 5 days. If the website itself is up, check to see that most of it is working before investing time fixing links.

Why use Xenu?

Each driver is displayed with its name, associated devices, and different links to download the latest version.

It is very simple, easy to use and even new users will be able to update their drivers with relative ease.

HOWTO VIDEO: Download Xenu Link Sleuth® latest free version | Downloadcom

By using our services, you agree that we and our partners use cookies to improve advertising and enhance your experience on our services. Learn more. OK. And if you want to check your browser string use our cheap trick page. feeling a super-sleuth moment coming on – have look at the mystery strings and McCormack sent this link to an arstechnica article on the early web browsers. A tiny – we’re talking K download – browser for Windows. Xenu’s Link Analyser. Using the find facilities of an editor is the best way to find what you want. Category Abbreviations AR Archive B Beta F Features (includes Linux How to improve the look of your applets quickly and easily /04a WS Java Xenu’s Link Sleuth – A Web spider which tests any Web site for broken links.

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