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Panasonic Model: The HDC-DX1 records onto convenient DVD discs, and there is never a need to rewind or fast-forward, so users can play back a scene immediately after recording. The video image and sound data are recorded directly onto the disc for easy storage.
Download MP3 Audio Converter 4.41 - A powerful application which lets you convert MP3 files to vario Blog Feed

Panasonic Model: The HDC-DX1 records onto convenient DVD discs, and there is never a need to rewind or fast-forward, so users can play back a scene immediately after recording. The video image and sound data are recorded directly onto the disc for easy storage. Superior color, detail, and gradation Most professional broadcasting cameras use the 3CCD system.

You can see the results in beautifully rendered images with vivid color, fine detail, and rich gradation: Beautiful color Noise can greatly diminish picture quality. Panasonic’s 3CCD system reduces noise by about 30 percent compared with 1CCD systems, helping deliver stunningly beautiful images with clear, natural colors. Beautiful detail Horizontal resolution in color is percent compared with that of 1CCD systems.

The greater color pixel density means that even finely nuanced colors are rendered distinctly. Beautiful gradation The dynamic range to express luminous gradation is percent compared with that of 1CCD systems. This helps produce subtle contrast to create a wide palette of colors. Suppresses hand-shake in both motion and still pictures Panasonic’s O. Because Panasonic’s system is optical, there is no image quality degradation.

When you’re shooting a still picture, the Mega O. With O. Superior Leica-certified image quality Leica AG of Germany is the manufacturer of fine cameras and lenses favored by photographers everywhere. The Leica Dicomar lens featured in the HDC-DX1 was developed specifically for HD digital camcorders, these lens systems are made using a multi-coating process that prevents light reflection and glare, which can make colors bleed and images appear washed out.

It also prevents rings of light, or “ghosts”. Able to process large amounts of data with high speed and precision, this engine achieves truly superb color reproduction for high-quality pictures.

Get close to the action with 12x optical zoom Pull distant subjects right up close with 12x optical zoom Distant subjects can be enlarged so they appear to be right up close.

This allows dynamic shots of both motion and still pictures. Experience real presence in sound Panasonic HD camcorders have five electret condenser microphones which separately record sounds from the front, sides, and back. When played on a Dolby Digital 5. When zooming in on a subject, the sound also focuses on the area right around the subject. Shoot wide, view wide This model offers the high-quality wide images that make for beautiful, dramatic viewing on a wide-screen TV.

The image is processed on Because the image decoded has the same proportions as your wide-screen TV, there is virtually no picture quality degradation. You get beautiful images and all the excitement and dynamism on either a wide This model also features a high-density, ,pixel, wide 3. Sharp focusing even up close with Tele Macro Using the zoom at full magnification, you can shoot macro close-ups while maintaining a distance of 60 centimeters from your subject.

This makes it much easier to capture extreme close-ups without your body or camera casting a shadow on the subject and while keeping the background in soft focus. Adjust the focus easily with Focus Assist This function enlarges the center of the image, making it easier for you to get a clear, sharp shot when focusing manually. The two companies have started licensing the format to extensively promote it throughout the industry.

This makes it possible to develop HD camcorder recorders which achieve compact size as well as high-quality video and audio. Most helpful customer reviews 10 of 10 people found the following review helpful. You really have to be in the Blue-Ray camp to enjoy this camera fully. Also, so far it’s one of the last camcorders from Panasonic with 5. It’s seems the newer camcorders are actually going backwards with 2 channel sound instead of 5. With Nero 8, which you’ll have to buy separately, you can copy movies to your computer for editing and burning back on to a larger size regular recordable DVD, i.

There have been complaints about this, but you’re recording High Definition video now, so why would you except to play it back on a lower quality DVD system? This camera is for the future. If you want a DVD recordable camcorder, there are cheaper, less capable models that that do that. But if you want High Definition recording, with 5.

One other thing to remember, the recording process to a miniDVD whether it’s with this camera or any other miniDVD camera is different than with tapes. There is an extra step involved from tape recording. Some people just don’t understand this and complain. This means you’ll probably shoot video and finalize the disks at home, not outside where you are shooting. Other miniDVD camcorders may allow finalizing with battery power which may be more convenent to do, but I don’t find not having this a drawback for this camera.

Very nice feature for your money By Leo Gabriel I bought this camera to compliment my 46 in. The picture was very nice although the 30 mins. I was disappointed to find out after my purchase that I needed special software to download the content to, and edit it on, my computer and probably need a Blue Ray DVD burner to be able to create edited disks. I haven’t worked with the software yet, so be sure you understand the implications of buying a camera with a format that is not the standard format used by most digital cameras.

See all 15 customer reviews Amazon Sales Rank: Samsung Model: And for those ultra long distance shots, the 20x digital zoom will let you see it all in perfect detail. Print directly from your camcorder Give your PC a rest.

Thanks to the Pictbridge function of your camcorder, you no longer have to first download your pictures onto your PC before printing.

Save your valuable time and energy. Simply connect a USB 2. Play videos, transfer images, music and documents quickly and easily using the memory type of your choice. USB 2. Most helpful customer reviews 55 of 57 people found the following review helpful. Great little camcorder By YoboDiver I reviewed this camcorder on another camcorde site, but not alot of people peruse that site, so I thougt I would post the review here as well.

I didn’t purchase this camcorder from Amazon, but only because someone got it for me as a gift from another store but when I was looking for advice on this camcorder it was hard to find.

I’m putting my review here in hopes that it helps someone who wants to buy this camcorder but cannot find any helpful reviews on this camcorder, because it’s so new. Here it is Okay, since the place that the camera was bought from has a great return policy, I thought I would open it up to see just how good or bad it was.

Let me say that I am by no means qualified to compare pixels, low light, etc etc etc Upon opening this camera, let me say that it’s the smallest thing I’ve ever seen. It would fit into a fabric sunglass bag oakleys , that’s how small it is. I shot movies outside in full sunlight and inside during the day and the movies came out great! I also tried to shoot in low light situation and it worked pretty good as well.

I have nothing to compare it to, but whatever I shot looked pretty good. I also tried it at night time and this is where it was kinda weak. Alot of details couldn’t be seen, but being that it was Christmas, I took it to our local city hall and shot the surrounding decorations and I could see everything on my t. The night time shooting is decent if there is sufficient ambient light.

I did notice that when I shot video in almost complete darkness streetlights only I couldn’t make out any details. The zoom was plenty fast and most of all to me anyway the performance was great. I don’t know where the other reviewers especially on Amazon are shooting their videos but I was very impressed with my video quality. Now, this doesn’t say that it’s perfect. There are some definite flaws to this camera. The battery for one. The battery will according to the manual shoot for about minutes with all the zooming and stuff.

I shot for about 10 minutes and I had no problems, but if I had to shoot all day without a spare, I wouldn’t be happy about it.

I thought that this was way too short. I wouldn’t have minded so much if they sold an extended life battery but they don’t heck you can’t even find a spare battery for sale, anywhere! Also, to take a picture, you have to push a button and switch from Video mode to Picture mode, and this takes approximately seconds to switch over.

I really didn’t like that feature. Since I don’t have a high Definition dvd player, I had to hook the camcorder to my t. The unfortunate thing about this camera was the format in which it records to.

I have to agree with a lot of people that this new hi def format is a killer for most computers. I have a PIV 3. However, if you convert it back to SD using the cyberlink software that is provided, you will notice that it looks almost as good as the hi def with half the processing time.

Since this is the format that most hi def camcorders are using, I don’t see how anyone can fault Samsung for it. So here are my pros and cons for this camcorder; Pros; Size It handles both uncompressed digital video and multi-channel digital audio signals directly with all in one cable.

Used for the transmission of digital signal between high definition source and high quality monitor or projector. A Days Tech Dimensions:

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